September has been busy, astrologically speaking. We finally reached the end of both Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde, while also welcoming the fall equinox and with it, the start of Libra season. But before the month comes to a close, we have one final dramatic astrological event to contend with: the full moon in Aries on September 29 at 5:57 a.m. EDT. Given that Aries is the first sign in the zodiac calendar, this full moon will remind you to put yourself first—but without sacrificing balance in your relationships. The tension in this full moon comes from the opposition of the moon moving through self-focused Aries while the sun is in people-pleasing Libra. The Aries-Libra axis in astrology is concerned with “me” (Aries) vs. “we” (Libra). Here, we are urged to confront any lingering resentments or gripes within our partnerships, all in the name of getting on the same page and establishing a healthier dynamic moving forward. The tension in this full moon comes from the opposition of the moon moving through self-focused Aries while the sun is in people-pleasing Libra. This full moon also brings us back to the two new moons in Aries that took place on March 21 and April 20. What seeds did you plant around those windows of time? In what ways did you plan to reprioritize your own needs, desires, and goals or renegotiate them with those of a friend, family member, or partner? The full moon in Aries could bring a climax or turning point to these intentions, moving you closer to realizing them.

What is a full moon, and what does it mean in astrology?

A full moon occurs when the sun and the moon align directly across from each other with the Earth between them, such that, from our perspective on Earth, the moon is fully illuminated. In turn, full moons are often associated with moments of illumination: The moon’s light is at its height, and what was once in the dark or unknown is revealed. To that end, full moons can coincide with the arrival of critical information, or the release of something old in favor of something new. Full moons typically happen once a month, marking the halfway point of the lunar cycle. Many set intentions under the new moon (the beginning of the cycle), and by the full moon, we may see signs of progress, learn key information regarding our desires, or reach a turning point. Related Stories It is also possible to manifest, perform rituals, and set intentions under full moons. To understand what energy a full moon might carry involves considering what aspects it forms with other planets in the sky and the meaning of those planets. For example, if the full moon forms a potent aspect with Mars, Saturn, or Uranus, it can embody more disruptive or challenging energy. Whereas, if it connects with Venus or Jupiter, it may portend more auspicious energy for manifestation work. Full moons also create an opposition in the sky, as the moon sits in one zodiac sign and the sun sits in that sign’s opposite or sister sign. This can trigger a push-pull effect between two areas of our life, as we’re tasked with finding the middle ground and learning how to integrate both of the opposing energies. As a result, these lunations can be dynamic and energetically draining. Tend to your nervous system, drink extra water, and carve out time for reflection and rest.

What can we expect from the full moon in Aries in 2023?

This year’s full moon in Aries lives up to all of the zodiac sign’s common characteristics: passionate, intense, and dramatic. As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is an initiator, and this energy could make us more emotionally courageous or willing to take risks, particularly with close partners. After all, fiery Aries knows that embracing conflict head-on isn’t always bad; it can be healing, illuminating, and actually deepen our relationships. While full moons tend to bring moments of culmination and release, this one, in particular, could bring an especially fated ending: Aries’s ruling planet Mars—which is the planet with the greatest influence over this lunation—will be in Libra, forming a conjunction with the south node of destiny. And anytime a planet sits near the south node, a cosmic point of release, we may experience a symbolic ending. We may feel called to express any repressed anger, frustrations, or rage, especially within our most important relationships. In this case, we may feel called to express any repressed anger, frustrations, or rage, especially within our most important relationships. In turn, the energy of the day may feel erratic and intense—and all the more so because love-planet Venus in Leo also forms a tough square with renegade Uranus in Taurus on this day. Uranus is a planet of disruption, breakthroughs, and surprise. For any relationship that is on shaky ground, this tense alignment of Uranus and Venus may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, leading to unexpected or sudden shifts. Fortunately, Mercury, the planet of communication, will also be moving toward Uranus in a supportive alignment, allowing us to remain open-minded and seek harmonious solutions as we navigate these impassioned moonbeams. To get a better picture of how this dramatic full moon in Aries will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through this lunation with a little more calmness and balance.

How the full moon in Aries may affect your zodiac sign


Here comes a dramatic day for your relationships, Aries. The full moon is in your sign, meaning it moves through your chart’s first astrological house of identity and ambitions, and it also touches your relationship axis, which runs from the first to the seventh house. But the focus isn’t on your partner; it’s on you. Advocating for your needs and desires in your close connections can lead to a necessary turning point. Dramatic revelations can also pop up that may make you feel more sensitive… or, you could realize a personal goal. Your full moon self-care practice: If there has ever been a day for self care, today is that day for you. Listen to your body and what it’s asking of you. This is a wonderful day to treat yourself, whatever that looks like for you.


You’re wrapping up a cycle, Taurus. The full moon in Aries lands in your 12th house of closure, healing, solitude, and intuition. You’re granted access to your subconscious mind, and you’re better able to recognize your blind spots. What habits, beliefs, and patterns have been holding you back, and how can you release them? This is a productive time to rework your daily routine as a means to honor your boundaries and protect your energy. Your full moon self-care practice: Spend time in meditation or with any type of spiritual practice that feels aligned for you. Important breakthroughs can arrive when you exercise your intuitive muscle today.


Drama may be unfolding in your friendships, Gemini. The full moon in Aries moves through your 11th house of community, allies, and groups, which could bubble some lingering resentment to the surface in your friendships. It’s best to talk it out in service of getting on the same page, rather than letting it fester. On the bright side, the 11th house also rules over your hopes and dreams for the future, meaning this lunation could coincide with a big step toward realizing a personal goal or dream—or with an unexpected influx of support from your network. Your full moon self-care practice: Surround yourself with others today, whether it’s close friends or a group of people who enjoy similar hobbies as you do. Spending time with others can feel inspiring and expansive.


The tides are shifting in your career, Cancer, as the full moon illuminates your 10th house of public reputation, awards, and recognition. Perhaps you’re accepting a new role or promotion, moving toward a significant accomplishment, or considering shifting career paths altogether. Some form of recognition may arrive from others in your sphere, and if you have an important message to share with the world, your chances of going viral are higher today. Your full moon self-care practice: If your concerns about what others think of you have seeped too deeply into your psyche recently, today is a powerful day for working to release them. Remember: There is no one else in the world quite like you, so dare to shine bright and take up space.


You’re ready to share some important news with the world, Leo. The full moon activates your ninth house of communication, expansion, travel, education, and broadcasting, putting you in a position to connect with others.  Conversations may surface some surprising news or lead you to important or eye-opening conclusions. You’re more apt to take risks, book a trip on a whim, or spend your day daydreaming about what will be. Your full moon self-care practice: Try out scripting manifestation to draw out your dream life. Write down three affirmations about your future or about a specific goal. Record them in a voice memo, and listen to it before you go to bed and before you get up in the morning each day for the next week.


It’s time to go inward, Virgo. The full moon in Aries moves through your 8th house of shared resources, vulnerability, and the expectations of others. You may be reflecting on to what and to whom you feel obligated. Is there balance in your relationships, or are you giving more than you’re receiving? This can also be a transformative moment for you to make peace with the past and release any old resentments, personal guilt, or anxieties that have been filling your mental space. Financially, you may also be settling a debt, making a big purchase, or having serious conversations with a partner about shared responsibilities. Your full moon self-care practice: If you’ve been moving through big feelings recently, don’t be afraid to ask for support. Find a trusted person in your life with whom you can share vulnerably and authentically, and see what they might offer in return. You so freely show up for others; it’s time to let your loved ones be your rock, too.


Your relationships are about to transform, Libra. The full moon is in your sister (aka opposite) sign of Aries, placing it in your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships and triggering a potential turning point in your relationship with a romantic partner, business partner, close friend, or family member. If you’re single, you may meet someone out of the blue, and if you’re romantically coupled and on solid ground with a partner, you may choose to take your relationship to the next level. If you’re partnered but unsure of where your union is headed, this full moon could bring helpful clarity. It’s also possible that someone significant in your life may need more of your energy and support at this time as they navigate big changes in their world. Your full moon self-care practice: If there is someone with whom you’ve been hoping to work or simply someone you’ve long admired or respected from afar, ask them to collaborate. Both of you could stand to benefit from working together.


You’re ready to remove the excess from your life, Scorpio. The full moon illuminates your sixth house of day-to-day routines, habits, and responsibilities, pushing you to streamline all of the above. Perhaps you’ve been trying to break a bad habit or looking to make adjustments in your schedule in service of greater work-life balance; in either case, this lunation could be the cosmic push coming to shove. At the same time, you may reach a turning point on a personal or professional project that’s required a significant amount of work and dedication. Your full moon self-care practice: Switch up your daily routine by incorporating one new habit that you’ve been meaning to adopt or that will bring you closer to a particular goal, whether it’s a morning walk, an evening meditation, or a few minutes of positive mirror talk while you’re getting ready.


Your romantic life is about to get steamier, Sagittarius. The full moon is lighting up your fifth house of pleasure, romance, creativity, and hobbies. If you’re dating, this can be a make-it-or-break-it moment for your love life; perhaps you make a passionate connection, or you decide to take the next step with a special someone. This part of your birth chart also just wants you to have fun, so you may be celebrating a recent achievement or simply feeling more present and grateful for the life you’re living. Your full moon self-care practice: How did you spend your time during the summers as a kid? Pick up an old hobby or an activity that used to bring you joy. (Perhaps you dust off your Playstation or Nintendo64?) Prioritizing your inner child’s imagination, wonder, and desires can lead to creative breakthroughs around this time.


You’re ready to spend some time at home, Capricorn. The full moon moves through your 4th house of home, family, foundations, and the past. Tending to your personal space can be a healing and nourishing act, whether that’s working on an upcoming renovation, doing some redecorating, or even moving. This full moon could also turn your focus toward your family and your closest personal relationships, leading you to reflect on the past or embrace sentimentality and nostalgia as a means for introspection. Your full moon self-care practice: Who makes you feel the most secure, grounded, accepted, or appreciated? Spending time with trusted loved ones will support you and your nervous system.


Important news could be on its way to you, Aquarius. The full moon lands in your third house of information, communication, and skills. Your perspective might change as the result of something you learn in conversation with a friend or co-worker—or perhaps you may be the one sharing something revelatory with others. Separately, you may also be feeling more accomplished or confident in a new skill you’ve been honing. Your full moon self-care practice: Get it off your chest! This is a wonderful time to have any conversation that you’ve been avoiding. Sharing your feelings, thoughts, and ideas with others can bring much-needed relief.


Your financial world may be undergoing a shift, Pisces. The full moon activates your second house of resources, livelihood, and comfort. This could mark a turning point in your career; perhaps you’re taking on a new promotion, or you receive a raise for your work. Redoing your budget and setting new financial goals for yourself around now can lead to more stability in the near future—but at the same time, spending a bit of cash (within reason) on a reward for yourself can also go a long way toward boosting your mood. Your full moon self-care practice: Start your morning with an abundance practice. Try to name five different ways you witnessed abundance in your life the day before, whether it was a warm meal, a discount on your morning coffee, or finding five dollars on the street. Appreciating abundance in every form can help you cultivate more of it in your life.

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