As I noted I’ve been using this almost daily for the last three months, which is the standard length of time they tell you that you’ll see results.The most immediate and noticeable result was reduction in redness. My skin gets flushed easily, thanks to sensitivity and mild rosacea. In the last three months these flare-ups have become so infrequent that I can’t remember the last time I was bothered by the hue of my cheeks. Often I’ll preemptively wear a tinted moisturizer just because I never know what might trigger my skin to turn pink. But now I’m far more comfortable leaving the house sans cover-up because I don’t live in fear of a flare-up. It sounds like a small thing, but as anyone with rosacea will know—this benefit is life changing. Next I noticed the horizontal fine lines on my forehead and crinkles around my eyes disappeared. For the last several years I’ve been in a constant back-and-forth with these areas trying to make the dainty etches stay dainty. And at my age, the normal topicals aren’t as effective as they once were. This has smoothed out the wrinkles considerably, especially on my forehead. The last thing I noticed was only recently—and that was from comparing my before, during, and after photos. There’s a phenomenon called perception drift, which happens when your appearance changes slowly over time. It’s much harder for your brain to pick up on improvements since they happen so subtly, so we’re not as able to notice how dramatic the results actually are. So when I looked at my photos side-by-side, I couldn’t believe how soft my texture looked. I don’t think my texture was ever too rough to begin with, but in my most recent (make up and filter free) photos, it was so dewy and smooth. I’m not the only one who is impressed by their results with the laser. “I recommend the LYMA Laser to all of my clients. This tool is one of a kind and I have never seen results like ones from the LYMA Laser. It is worth every penny, in my opinion,” says Czech. As someone whose job is skin care, I consider the time commitment just part of the gig. But I can understand why people’s initial reaction is shock. And what I’ll say to people who can’t fathom sticking to a 30-plus minute session every day, this isn’t for you. If you’re not going to stick with it, it’s certainly not worth the money. But if you are eager and willing to commit to it—and you have the budget—it’s the most effective piece of technology I’ve ever experienced. 

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