It took me a long time to find a vibrator that truly brings orgasm without fail—but my sex toy quest didn’t end there. After much discussion (communication makes for great sex!), my boyfriend and I recently decided to test out toys for shared pleasure. Since no vibrator has impressed me quite as much as the Maude Vibe (the brand’s sleek hand-held vibrator), it only seemed fitting to start with the new Maude vibrating ring. This stretchy vibrating band is designed to stimulate multiple parties during sex—and the experience kind of blew our minds.If you’re wondering how much of a difference such a tiny toy can make, stick with me while I share (almost) every detail of my adventures with the Maude band. And if you’re already intent on spicing up your sex life, grab it for less than $45 with code MINDBODYGREEN.I’ve tested a lot of vibrators, but this was my first real foray into using sex toys with a partner. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from interviewing sex experts, though, it’s that curiosity really enhances your sex life (that and a good lube).Before trying the band for myself, I read almost 100 positive reviews on the brand’s site from other heterosexual couples. Men rave about how the device “changes the entire orgasm” and keeps them harder for longer, and women say it’s “so satisfying for both partners.” (Note: You do not need to be in a hetero relationship to make the most of this toy—this just reflects my own experience.)Needless to say my partner and I were both intrigued. The band arrived partially charged, so we were able to try it right away. We only needed to use the band once to determine the hype was real—but we’ve used it many times since (you know, just to be sure).Maude recommends using the band with an organic aloe-based lubricant (like this one!), so that’s exactly what we did. You can also use water-based, but just make sure to stay away from oils, as that can damage the ultra-soft silicone.The lube can be applied directly to the penis, or rub some on the device before sliding it on. We tried it both ways and really didn’t have a preference. We loved that it could be positioned anywhere (base, shaft, etc.) and used with a condom. From there, you can turn the device to have the vibrating portion (the thicker end) facing away or towards your partner. Position really dictated how we preferred to setup the ring, so I recommend experimenting a bit to see what’s best for you. In terms of operating the band, the five speeds are controlled by tapping a small button on the left side. It can be a bit difficult to reach the button during sex (depending on your position), but we generally stuck with one speed anyway.

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