Halloween may be on the horizon, but astrologically, there’s another reason why things may feel a little spooky: Scorpio energy is in the air. The oh-so-intense water sign is known for its depth of feelings, and as its time in the sun arrives, we can all expect a cosmic push into our own depths. Indeed, Scorpio season 2023 replaces the relationships-oriented vibe of Libra season with a more personal, soul-searching energy for every zodiac sign. The modus operandi of Scorpio season is to determine what in your life you may need to release—and what can be reborn in its place. “Scorpio is all about regeneration and transformation, and we learn that through letting go,” says astrologer Laura Campagna.

When is Scorpio season 2023?

Scorpio season starts on October 23, when the sun shifts out of Libra and into Scorpio. It lasts until November 22, at which point the sun moves into Sagittarius. During this period, Scorpio energy is especially present in the cosmos—and thus, in our lives—which encourages us to turn our attention inward, toward our deepest feelings and desires.

Overall mood and energy of Scorpio season 2023

According to astrologer and tarot read Megan Skinner, co-host of the So Divine! podcast, Scorpio’s season is one of transformation. “It’s a season of death and of rebirth, so the question that comes up is, ‘What are you holding onto that you need to let go of or give a timely death to?’” she says. Ruled by Pluto, the planet (in astrology, at least!) associated with transformation, death, and the underworld, Scorpio has a great capacity for exploring the unknown. “[This season] is an invitation to do some deep digging, get into your own underworld, and shed some light there,” Skinner adds. Getting curious about yourself has immense potential to help you uncover what is and isn’t working in your life, and what may need to change. “[Scorpio season] is an invitation to do some deep digging, get into your own underworld, and shed some light there.” —Megan Skinner, astrologer Like the other water signs, Scorpio prizes emotional fulfillment in their endeavors and relationships. And as the sign that rules the eighth astrological house—which is associated not only with taxes and taboos, but also with sex and intimacy—Scorpio is also especially sensual, making its season ripe for vulnerability. Related Stories Because Scorpio is capable of such deep self-awareness, however, the sign can also become fixated on a personal goal and even act in manipulative or controlling ways to achieve it. To avoid these shadow-side traits of Scorpio this season, beware of moments where you might be deep-diving into a hole or getting so overly focused on something that you lose perspective. It’s important to “come up for air periodically and be able to let things go without fixating,” says Skinner.

Key transits affecting every zodiac sign during Scorpio season 2023

Planetary movements

It isn’t just the sun that’s in Scorpio this season; both communicative Mercury and energetic Mars move through the powerful fixed sign, too, this Scorpio season, which Campagna and Skinner agree will ratchet up the intensity of the vibes for every zodiac sign. The sun corresponds to our ego, Mercury relates to our use of words, and Mars connects to our actions, so this cosmic trio in Scorpio means “our minds are fully immersed in this [Scorpio] energy,” says Campagna. With Mercury in Scorpio, specifically, you’ll want to choose your words carefully, considering how they can help you achieve your desires without overpowering others. Mars in Scorpio at the same time could make that especially difficult, however; you can expect a surge of assertive, confident energy, leading you to go after a goal, says Campagna. Just be sure that whatever you’re going after is something you’re pursuing for your own growth and not out of pettiness or revenge, she says, suggesting you tread lightly if you sense the potential for conflict. Campagna adds that there’s also a particular push to find true intimacy this Scorpio season, not just because of all the emotional Scorpio energy at play, but also because Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, recently left carefree Leo behind for meticulous Virgo. It’ll be important to figure out whether the relationships you’re in actually align with who you are now, and if they can continue to support you as you grow. Expect some levity when Jupiter exits its lengthy retrograde in Taurus and stations direct on November 4, lending a much-needed reminder to enjoy life without getting too wrapped up in the drama of emotions.

Lunar transits

We are deep in the midst of eclipse season; the solar eclipse in Libra kicked us off on October 14, and the lunar eclipse in Taurus brings up the rear on October 28. “Taurus is about physical and material security, whereas Scorpio is very much about learning how to find security within,” says Skinner. A Taurus eclipse during Scorpio season 2023 will have every zodiac sign grappling with this dichotomy. To manage, Campagna says it’s important to be vulnerable and honest about your needs and wants within your close relationships. Pencil in some time on Halloweekend for meditation, journaling, and reflection to surface these insights. As the new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 13, we’ll all have a chance to set out on a new path in alignment with our recent learnings. Campagna warns that this lunation is going to be intense, with a powerful “seeding of intention for what you most want to transform in your life.” Just remember to focus that intention on what you actually want—not what you think you should want based on someone or something else. Because new beginnings tend to follow endings, it may help to do some emotional or spiritual cleansing, says Skinner. She suggests composing goodbye letters (to people whom you no longer see a place for in your life) without sending them or blocking exes on your social-media accounts.

Which zodiac signs are most affected by Scorpio season 2023?

While every zodiac sign can expect to sense the vibe-shift of Scorpio season in 2023, if you’re a Scorpio, you’ll feel the energy of your own season acutely, as the sun shines in your sign. According to Campagna, the zodiac’s other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, can also expect to feel especially in alignment with the energy this season, with Pisces, in particular, finding “a supportive anchor for its creativity.” The other fixed signs—Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo—could particularly benefit from the Scorpio energy at play, too. “[These signs] may feel a nice amount of stability and grounding after the balancing act and sometimes imbalance of Libra season,” says Campagna.

How Scorpio season will affect you, based on your birth chart

The sun’s trip through Scorpio will have a different impact on every zodiac sign because Scorpio occupies a different astrological house (aka segment of the birth chart) for each one. You’ll want to read the below horoscopes not only for your sun sign but also (and especially) for your rising sign, which reflects how you present yourself in the world. (You can learn your rising sign by inputting your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart generator like this one.) Your rising sign is key here because it determines which zodiac sign occupies each of the 12 astrological houses in your chart (each of which is linked with a particular realm of life, like family or career). That means your rising sign also determines the specific house in which Scorpio appears in your birth chart—and, in turn, the area of life it most affects and that will be most activated this Scorpio season. Below, find star-sanctioned intel on what every zodiac sign can expect from Scorpio season 2023, plus advice for embracing the Scorpio vibe accordingly.

Scorpio season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The sun highlights your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth this Scorpio season, Aries. This is the house over which Scorpio rules, which just means Scorpio season could feel especially deep for you. Skinner says you may be called to do some work to investigate how you conceive of security and safety. This is a great time to chat with a therapist, if you see one, and to be in conversation with yourself and trusted loved ones about anything begging to bubble up to the surface, emotionally or spiritually.


The sun in Scorpio is shining in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships, Taurus. You’ll spend this season examining your relationships with yourself and others, and interrogating whether these dynamics are healthy and balanced. Just watch out for power struggles in this realm, as power is a major Scorpio theme. Now is a helpful time to examine whether you’re using yours to its full extent—or conversely, whether you’re flexing it too much, says Skinner. As the lunar eclipse arrives at the end of the month in your sign, be sure to pencil in time for self care. It’ll be important to buffer any upheaval or transformation that may be heading your way.


How’s your day-to-day routine feeling, Gemini? Your sixth house of rituals, health, and wellness is in the sun’s sights this Scorpio season, so it’s a time to consider whether “you feel in sync with yourself—body, mind, and spirit,” says Skinner. Because Scorpio season asks us to release that which is no longer serving us, consider whether certain habits or rituals may be impeding your progress toward your goals; perhaps your late-night scrolling sessions are keeping you from restful sleep, or you’ve gotten into the habit of not getting much fresh air during the week, and it’s leaving your irritable. Whatever it might be, make a point of working to let go of it this season.


You can look forward to a solar boost of creativity this Scorpio season, Cancer. The sun in Scorpio highlights your fifth house of creativity and pleasure, making this “a time of really looking at how you’re seeing the world and how you express yourself,” says Skinner. If you’re artistically inclined, you may feel the urge to express yourself more through your chosen medium. At the same time, you could also feel the push to broaden your perspective more generally, in terms of how you think. Are you moving through the world in a way that honors your strengths and talents? “Ask yourself, ‘Where can I shine, and in what ways am I different?'” suggests Skinner.


How is your work-life balance, Leo? Your fourth house of family and home has the sun’s attention this Scorpio season, leading you to consider your familial relationships. According to Skinner, the Scorpio vibes push you to recognize your power: Are you being appreciated for your contributions both at work and at home? It’s important to understand that you can’t be everything to everyone all the time; let go of any insecurities you may have about your role within your family, and take care of yourself as you do.


Your third house of communication and perception falls in the light of the sun this Scorpio season, Virgo. In turn, you could feel more willing to dive into deep conversations—which is especially apt, as love-planet Venus also moves through your sign this season. Skinner recommends considering what love really looks like to you and keeping your mind open to different communication strategies that may bring more love into your life. Exploring how you might love yourself more is another theme for you, and journaling about the topic could help you best organize and process your feelings.


Money is on your mind this month, Libra, as the sun shines in your second house of values and possessions. Both Skinner and Campagna say now is a great time to check in on your finances and regroup. If you find that you’ve splashed the cash a bit too much in recent weeks (hey, it was just your birthday), plan to make some strategic cuts to your spending in the next few weeks. Because you gain so much from those around you, Campagna adds that asking friends for some tips or advice around your finances could be an especially aligned way to get things in order.


Your personal power is off the charts during your season, Scorpio. With the sun shining in your first house of the self, plus major personal planets like Mars and Mercury also in your sign, Skinner and Campagna say you’re likely to feel like a version of yourself that’s dialed up to 100. “Mars [in your sign] is amping up your activities and excitement, and leading the people around you to be more interested in you,” says Campagna. Take advantage by scheduling plenty of time to hang out with friends and meet others, whether platonically or romantically, and embrace deep connection by leaning into your ability to see through to the emotional undercurrents of things.


You’re not afraid of thinking deeply, Sagittarius, and this Scorpio season asks you to marshal your skills for reflection and introspection in a big way. “It’s a time between worlds for Sagittarius because Scorpio is in your 12th house, [where] the veil is thin,” says Campagna. “It’s a liminal space where you have more access to your own inner landscape of mysteries, knowledge, and intuition.” This season is an invitation to dig into who you really are and where you come from, both literally and spiritually. Revisit the stories you’ve built about yourself, and consider taking an at-home DNA test to better understand your lineage and unpack generational wounds.


You typically have no problem going it alone, Capricorn, but during Scorpio season, you’re asked to turn your attention to your friends and social circles, as the sun moves through your 11th house of networks. “It’s time for Capricorn to step away from the desk,” says Campagna, who also suggests seeing how you might (carefully) mix business and pleasure. You can also put your ambition and drive to good use in your social life: Take the lead in organizing a fundraiser or coworker happy hour, or even just a few fall day trips and activities with friends.


It’s time to step up at work, Aquarius. The sun illuminates your 10th house of reputation, pushing you to channel some of Scorpio’s tenacity in the realm of your career. “Aquarius is known for innovation, and they like to work smarter, not harder, so [Scorpio season] is an opportunity for them to show off their ideas and take the lead professionally,” says Campagna. Just be sure to do so in a way that’s public, so you can gain due recognition for your work.


It’s no secret that you’re full of dreams and hopes, Pisces. Because the sun is transiting your ninth house of long-distance travel and learning, your best move this Scorpio season is to focus on expanding your mind and perspective. Have you always dreamed of traveling to a particular place, or have you wished you could go back to school or learn more about a certain topic? Skinner and Campagna say now is the time to do these horizon-broadening activities to enhance your relationships with both yourself and the world around you.

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