Each new moon marks the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle—and this time around, it’s in the sign of Scorpio. Being a time of new beginnings, setting intentions, and planting seeds, this new moon might also feel particularly introspective, thanks to Scorpio’s influence.But depending on where it falls in your birth chart, we all have something different to expect. Here’s what to know.Note: Be sure to check your sun and rising signs.This new moon in Scorpio lands in your eighth house of transformation, sex, and intimacy, Aries—which happens to be the house that Scorpio rules. It’s almost like you’re getting a double-dose of Scorpio energy, with astrology expert and author of Astrology SOS, Imani Quinn, telling mindbodygreen that you’ll be getting really intimate with your subconscious, your shadow, and even your loved ones.According to her, under this new moon, ask yourself what you’ve been hiding from, and whether you’re ready to open up and share those feelings with whoever needs to hear them. “Because if they are open to it, it could bring breakthroughs and fresh starts,” she adds.Feeling amorous, Taurus? With this new moon in your opposite sign of Scorpio, you might be, as it’s landing in your seventh house of partnerships. As such, Quinn explains, “Their relationships are top of mind right now, and they can allow Scorpio energy to help them get clear on where they’re holding illusions with themselves and within their partnerships.”Beyond that, she adds, pay attention to which partnerships are allowing you to grow and blossom. “There could be a lot of discomfort for them in breaking through illusions, especially because of how stubborn they are—so it’s important for them to really look through that, so they can decipher which relationships are working for them and which ones are holding them back based on their old habits,” Quinn adds.This could be an excellent time for you to start a new health regimen, Gemini, as this new moon in Scorpio falls in your sixth house of self care, routines, and schedules. As Quinn puts it, at some point, you’ve got to get into a routine that feels good, even if you prefer to constantly be on the move.”The best way for Gemini to be productive is for them to prioritize their mental health and their physical health—they can leap forward with their productivity,” Quinn says, adding that if you’ve been slacking on your self care recently, you’re going to feel it now. “Gemini can run, but they can’t hide from themselves this Scorpio season,” she tells mindbodygreen.Feeling flirty, Cancer? With the new moon in Scorpio falling in your fifth house of passion, creativity, and fertility, you could unlock your expression or start a new creative endeavor. As Quinn explains, the name of the game for you with this new moon is to use your feelings as a form of expression.”This will feel very liberating for them and it will also magnetize others to them,” Quinn tells mindbodygreen, adding, “If they are in their creative flow—whether it’s writing, poetry, paying attention to their sensuality, or even asking themselves what sparks creative joy—that is the way forward for taking new paths, and using their passions as their guide.”This is your new moon, Scorpio, marking the beginning of a truly fresh cycle for you. As Quinn tells mindbodygreen, this moon lands in your first house of self and identity, and you’re already coming off an intense eclipse season. Those eclipses, she explains, “broke you open so you could shine, and whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do, this is the time to do it.”In other words, Quinn says, claim your blessings! You’ve been through an intense two-years of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse axis, and now, your identity is in alignment with your desires, she adds.This could be an intense new moon for you, Sagittarius, as it lands in your 12th house of subconscious, endings, and closure. It’s a great irony in life that for anything to begin, something has to end, and you’re in the ending right now, even though it’s a new moon.As Quinn explains, Scorpio’s influence will have you especially digging deep. You may be confronting parts of yourself you’d rather not look at, admitting truths you previously denied, or facing spiritual blocks head-on rather than avoiding them, she says, adding, “Looking at the parts of themselves that are scary to confront will actually liberate them and allow them to move forward with more lightness.”With this new moon in Scorpio landing in your 10th house of career and public image, Aquarius, you’re taking a hard look at your work life—and whether it’s working for you. As Quinn tells mindbodygreen, you’re not one to get bogged down by emotions, but you might not be able to ignore the ones that come up under this new moon.Whether it’s an uncomfortable truth about your job, or shadow emotions that are holding you back, Scorpio’s influence might just bring them to light. Your task, Quinn says, is not to look away. “If they’re feeling unhappy at their job, now is the time to start thinking about a pivot, and how they want to show up in their career and in the public. They do have new opportunities coming to them, but Aquarius may have to feel uncomfortable things that they don’t typically like to feel,” she adds.

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